A Solution for the
entire community

entire community solution

Rarely does an opportunity arise that has the power to transform an entire community. Today, that opportunity is knocking at your door. Unlock the future and rise above the rest as you revolutionize your community with BeeCentral.

A Unique Community Solution

Embrace the limitless possibilities to elevate your community’s allure, amplify your earning potential, and safeguard against uncertainties with BeeCentral’s cutting-edge smart home and technology support solution tailored for seniors.

But that’s not all! Empower your residents to embrace a life of independence and security, nurturing their well-being. Take the leap into the future of senior living communities by becoming a part of BeeCentral today. Let’s redefine what’s possible together!

Senior woman, Anna, using her iPad with the BeeCentral app to control her new smart home at her community.

Something for Everyone​



Your team saves precious time on many daily tasks. Freeing up your team to provide quality care with less stress and hassle.

Risk & Financial

Less Risk

Decrease community risk with automated lighting, check-ins, and security measures. Increasing resident independence and safety.

Information Technology


Gain a expert team to support your residents with all their technology questions and issues without more work.

Sales & Marketing

A Different Community

Stand out from other communities while adding another revenue stream to your business.


Less Hassle

Residents lives become easier and safer with the addition of simple to use technologies that automate and assist with day to day tasks.



Automatically light high traffic pathways during twilight hours making rooms safer. If a fall does occur, residents can use voice assistants to alert staff they are in need.

Curious about the Smart Home?

Discover the 2023 Senior Smart Home Guide, your key to unlocking the top smart home products and their incredible potential for senior living communities. Download now to explore a world of innovation and convenience you can bring to your senior living community. Elevate senior living to new heights with the power of technology. Get your guide today!

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Download the guide to gain insights into innovative solutions that can elevate your community. Discover the power of technology and its impact on senior well-being. Get your copy of the guide now and unlock new possibilities for your community.

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