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BeeCentral integrates the entire smart home into a senior-optimized platform for senior living communities. Our Honeycomb platform allows residents and facility members to easily assist in daily tasks, save time, and provide valuable reassurance to residents and their families alike.

The Honeycomb, just like its counterpart in nature, brings the perfect blend of design, functionality, and synergy, working to create a harmonious living space that caters to the evolving needs of modern life. Facility and residents benefit from simplifying everyday tasks and problems such as:

  • More Light, Less risk

    According to a recent study, updated lighting can decrease falls by up to 43%! Installing motion detecting lights in key locations can decrease the risks involved with walking into dark rooms. Saving your residents and staff time and stress!

  • Lock outs solved

    Using smart locks allows facility staff to unlock doors remotely from wherever they are. Increasing your staff efficiency and decreasing your overhead.

  • Thermostat Control

    Smart thermostats give you and your residents temperature control from anywhere. You can even set a minimum and maximum temperature range to save on heating/cooling!

  • Support

    Every Resident has access to trained professionals that can help with resident technology questions and issues.

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