Better Living

When aging in place, feel more independent, safe, & comfortable. With BeeCentral’s easy-to-use automated technology make the golden years truly golden.

Aging in place your way

At BeeCentral, you will always be central. No matter whether you are aging in place in your home, at a senior living community, or with friends we are buzzing to help. Our passionate team is here to understand your needs and guide you to the best solutions. We’re not just experts, we’re your advocates who dive into details, simplify technology, and help you use the power of technology. 

We believe in building trust and satisfaction that lasts. With BeeCentral, we’re more than a technology solution, we share the journey of making life easier. You’ve worked hard all your life. Time for BeeCentral and your home to work for you!

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Senior spending quality time with their grandchild due to the convenience of BeeCentral At Home

Support For Your Life

Don't stress over technology questions. The BeeCentral team is ready and waiting to help solve your problems. Call, text, or email our team and we will help solve any technology questions.

Hassle-Free Support

BeeCentral Support is the trusty guide for seniors navigating a digital world. Our tech-savvy team is always ready to answer your technology questions, regardless of the device, brand, or software. With BeeCentral, makes your digital journey enjoyable and hassle-free.

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BeeCentral for Caregivers

Less Hassle, Better Living extends further than seniors aging in place but to caregivers and loved ones also. Gain the peace of mind and ease of caregiving with remote access, automated check-ins, and a network of support.

Senior woman using her BeeCentral At Home app with support of their caregiver

Access Anywhere

Access the BeeCentral At Home from anywhere in the world. Granting peace of mind whether you are next door or across the continent. 

Network of Support

Loved ones and seniors have access to the BeeCentral At Home app and technology support as well. Ensuring that caregivers and seniors are supported.

Easy Check-In

Gain daily peace-of-mind with automated and timed check-ins. Allowing loved ones to feel reassured that all is well without the added hassle.

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Learn how you or your loved one can experience hassle-less living with Helper Bee Subscription by BeeCentral!

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